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NISE is the National Initiative for Service Excellence, an organization created by the Social Partners (The Trade Unions, the Private Sector and Government) for the people of Barbados. We will be at the forefront of a nationwide effort to help Barbados consistently deliver Service Excellence and be recognized internationally for this. In this way an enabling environment will be created within which Barbados will be able to attain its vision of being a developed country by 2025.

The Live Excellence campaign is a three-year venture that seeks to encourage and empower Barbadians to embrace the life values of courtesy, honesty, compassion, responsibility and creativity. The goal of this campaign is to actively cultivate these values into a viable, sustainable and expanding expression of national behaviours that would enable our nation to thrive in the 21st century.
NISE Customer Satisfaction Index

The NISE Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) is a standardised measure of service quality delivery across industries within the economy. NCSI will regularly measure customer satisfaction for Barbados' Finance, Government, Wholesale, Retail and Distribution, Tourism, Utilities and Manufacturing sectors. The Index serves as a broad-based benchmark for cross-industry comparison of service quality and has been adopted as a key economic output and social development indicator by the Ministry of Economics and Planning.
NISE Employee Engagement Index

The NEEX will provide insight into both the public and private sector organisations highlighting the drivers that influence organisational performance from the employees’ perspective. The NEEX will indicate what is positively or negatively impacting factors, employee engagement, leadership, commitment, productivity, absenteeism, customer orientation and so on.
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An aspirational challenge leading to 50 days of national transformation

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Which organisation will be the people's choice?

Find out how you can deliver more efficient customer service and create a memorable experience for your customer. This programme is designed to equip participants with the skills to communicate professionalism, gain respect and to enhance customer relationships.
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