Apex Legends Patch Notes Buff Rampart, Leak A New Gun, And Explain Why Tap-Strafing Had To Go

Apex Legends Patch Notes Buff Rampart, Leak A New Gun, And Explain Why Tap-Strafing Had To Go

Alongside balance changes to Rampart and various weapon balance updates, Respawn goes in-depth on why tap-strafing is being removed.

Season 12 MOZAMBIQUE BUFFS and MAD MAGGIE PASSIVE got me sweating ������

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I cannot express to you my level of excitement at the Apex Season 12 patch notes.

Confirmed: Tap Strafing To Be Removed Next Patch – Apex Legends News #Shorts

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TAP STRAFING IS GONE! (Apex Legends Patch 10.1 Patch Notes) 60 second update video

Yep, it’s real. Tap strafing is gone. What do you think?


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